Annette D’Armata, NMD is a naturopathic physician who specializes in chronic illness of older adults. Dr. D'Armata received the highest level of training available in the safe and effective integration of conventional and natural medicine in outpatient, primary care.

Dr. D'Armata brings her unique life experience to the practice of integrative medicine. A composer, activist, oral historian and former caseworker, she dedicated many years to music and human rights before receiving her medical training.

After graduating magna cum laude with a BA in communication from University of St. Thomas in Houston and studying graduate sociology at the University of Houston, she worked as a caseworker for five years with adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness, specializing in adaptive devices for communication and mobility.

In 1992, she left her job to join her life and creative forces with singer-songwriter Lourdes Pérez. Over the next 15 years she composed for and produced albums, collaborated on scores for theater, dance and film, and taught songwriting, improvisation and record production in workshops and residencies. Working in community during those years, D'Armata collaborated with local, non-profit organizations to develop cultural and educational events, including festivals, children's programs & recordings, concerts and speaking engagements. Using the arts to raise awareness of social injustice, D'Armata worked independently and with non-governmental organizations on various international human rights campaigns.

Returning to school at 38, she earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in Tempe, Arizona and was one of four students to graduate with honors.

While at SCNM, she taught neuroanatomy as assistant to Thomas Richards, PhD, and was honored with an Outstanding Leadership award by her faculty and colleagues.  She also completed additional didactic and clinical training in the integrative treatment of mental illness under psychiatrist Katherine Raymer, MD, ND and rotated for 2 years at the clinic inside Sojourner Center, the largest domestic violence shelter in the US.

Fluent in Spanish, Dr. D'Armata established and completed a clinical rotation in internal medicine with Adelfo Yescas, M.D., commuting between Hospital San Martin in Oaxaca and at General Regional Hospital No. 25 in Mexico City, working with patients with autoimmune disease, diabetes, infectious diseases and advanced cancers.

Dr. D'Armata completed her residency in naturopathic internal medicine at Alaska Center for Natural Medicine in Fairbanks. She went on to open and run a successful, multi-practitioner clinic, serving the Fairbanks and surrounding communities for three years and helping to leave behind a large center, Fairbanks Family Wellness, that thrives to this day.


Licensed to practice in Arizona and Alaska, Dr. D’Armata continues to see established patients via telehealth throughout the year.

Dr. D’Armata also provides medical case summaries and records review, research and educational consultation for people anywhere in the world. While her case research focuses primarily on current, evidence-based data, additional notes of interest on clinical observation, anecdotal, archaic, experimental and/or investigational tests and treatment are included for a more robust picture of the current knowledge base about a particular condition.

She is the author of "Dr. D'Armata's Top Ten Tips for Immediately Improving Your Health," a practical health primer for adults. Dr. D'Armata has been a frequent guest lecturer on radio, in health facilities, colleges and at public events presenting: "Integrative Approaches to Autoimmune Conditions," "Inflammatory Breast Cancer: An Integrative Case Report," "Clinically Effective Natural Treatment of Infectious Diseases," "Neuropsychiatric Effects of Gluten Sensitivity," "Naturopathic Care of Older Adults," "Integrative First Aid," "Natural Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" and "Anxiety: Integrative Assessment and Treatment Options." 

Dr. D'Armata is a member of the Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians (PsychANP).  In 2018, she co-founded Radio VoxFem, a multi-platform arts, health and educational space and currently serves as senior producer and chief medical editor.

As a volunteer, she has translated medical records for other doctors and for immigration attorneys working with asylum seekers since the late 1980s.  You may also find her with her wife of 30 years, photographing wild plants, talking to cats, watching sci fi or painting something blue.